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I got my H1b application picked up in the lottery and from the past three months, the status is " case was transferred and a new office has jurisdiction". Is there a problem here?
No, it just indicate where the filed package are.If if change to request further evidence (RFE), then you may need pay attention.
What does "Your case (I-485) was transferred and a new office has jurisdiction" mean? What is the probability that the green card will be denied at this stage?
Your processing office has changed. That’s it. Your case will be handled by the new office. Approval or denial chances are the same. As you already know, I-485 doesn’t necessarily mean that you are approved by default. Your application will be reviewed, if necessary, you will go to the interviews and whatever else officers want you to submit to. Then a decision will be based upon the results of all of the above. If you were told by the previous office that you are approved and you just have to wait for your green card to be processed, that will not change just because of the office transfer.
I am applying for a job as Interaction Designer in New York, the company has an online form to fill out and they ask about my current salary, I am freelancing.. What should I fill in?
As Sarah said, leave it blank or, if it's a free-form text field, put in "Freelancer".If you put in $50k and they were thinking of paying $75k, you just lost $25k/year.  If you put in $75k, but their budget only allows $50k, you may have lost the job on that alone.If you don't put in anything, leave it to the interview, and tell thm that you're a freelancer and adjust your fee according to the difficulty of the job, so there's no set income.  If they ask for how much you made last year, explain that that would include periods between jobs, where you made zero, so it's not a fair number.In any financial negotiation, an old saying will always hold true - he who comes up with a number first, loses.  Jobs, buying houses - they're both the same.  Asking "How much?" is the better side to be on.  then if they say they were thinking of $50k-$75k, you can tell them that it's just a little less than you were charging, but the job looks to be VERY interesting, the company seems to be a good one to work for and you're sure that when they see what you're capable of, they'll adjust your increases.  (IOW, "I'll take the $75k, but I expect to be making about $90k in a year.")They know how to play the game - show them that you do too.
In recent times, I have read of exonerated prisoners ranging from 20 years served to a New York case where a person was held without trial for three years. How do corrections officers and police officers (or other law enforcement) view these cases?
I think it sucks. And unfortunately, Kalief is not the only person it has ever happened to. We have a system that is supposed to protect the innocent. We say we would rather let free a hundred guilty people rather than convict one innocent person. It sounds good.But our system is composed of human beings. Police officers, prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys, witnesses (expert and otherwise), victims, --- all are human beings. We all know humans make mistakes, have prejudices and biases, can be corrupt or incompetent. And all too often, as in this young man's case, the system designed to safeguard our liberties fails miserably.It is one of the reasons I oppose capital punishment.  When the system fails, we cannot restore a person whom we've executed.I hope Kalief's story persuades others to come to that conclusion as well.I was a police officer for 37 years.
A police officer drove out of his jurisdiction just to come to my home and yell at me for crossing a double solid line when I was driving, an infraction he did not witness. Was the police officer wrong and how should I have handled it?
This is a very interesting question. As an officer if I didn't see a minor infraction and he was out of his jurisdiction, I would really have to question his actions. What I would do as a civilian is to stay pleasant, get his name and badge number and then file a complaint. I have no clue why he did such a thing. Chasing someone down out of his jurisdiction to yell at you for an infraction he did not see is not what an officer should be doing.
How frank should you be with HR? I was transferred to a new dept (management decision) and has plans to grow within my previous role. The position I wanted has come out but it’s only been 1 week since I’ve moved. Should I clarify whether I can apply?
How frank should you be with HR? I was transferred to a new dept (management decision) and has plans to grow within my previous role. The position I wanted has come out but it’s only been 1 week since I’ve moved. Should I clarify whether I can apply?Human Resources is not your friend.Remember always that what you say to them can be reported to your manager or other stakeholders.HR’s function is to minimize risk to the organization. Never, ever lose sight of this.
How do I transfer my inventory and office equipment that was purchased with personal money prior to starting a new S-Corp business?
Our firm deals with this all the time as we work primarily with venture back start ups.Many founders will spend money out of their personal credit cards pre-funding even if they have a business bank account and even if they have that account funded to some extent.We will do A few different things or in some cases a combination of both.Expense reports: we will have the founders create monthly expense reports that are made payable and accounts payable to the person who made the expense and then allocate those expense reports across the correct S Corporation/C corporation expense categories.A loan from founders: often times these expenses are too large to be reimbursed on a monthly basis or the entrepreneur doesn’t want to burden the company with reimbursing these expenses early on, so we will book these expenses to the appropriate expense categories of the corporation and create a loan from the partners who made the purchases as the offsetting entry in the accounting system. These loans are often never paid off or pay it off sometime in the future with profits from the business. We suggest that our founders never use investor money to pay back these loans.Additional contributed capital: we would create an additional contributed capital account in the equity section of the balance sheet as the offsetting entry to the expense categories in the corporation.This is very common and very reasonable but documentation is important, we like to keep either receipts or the bank statement transaction list, or both
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