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How to complete any Form I-797 online:

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How do I get the copy of an H-1B Approval Notice Form I-797 if my employer is not ready to share it with me?
you can file with USCIS under right to know information and get the receipt. By the way you are with wrong employer.
My visa expiring on March 21, 2022. I have I-797 visa extension approval notice valid through 2022. Can I travel to Canada and return before my current visa expires without stamping?
You may be able to return using a process called Automatic Revalidation.The following CBP webpage explains revalidation and the conditions under which one might be eligible:Automatic revalidation for certain temporary visitorsBear in mind that readmission under this policy is not guaranteed, nor would it be even if one had a valid visa.
What form do I fill out to divorce myself from the government completely? I have already canceled my voter registration. What is the next step?
What form do I fill out to divorce myself from the government completely? I have already canceled my voter registration. What is the next step?“The government”?First off, the answer may vary depending on which government you are wanting to separate from. If you’re talking about the U.S. government, well, you’re going to find it’s very difficult.The closest you will be able to come to this will be to renounce your citizenship abroad. You can see the steps for doing that at Renunciation of U.S. Nationality Abroad .If you follow those steps, you will no longer be a U.S. citizen. But you should note, as that article says, doing so will not necessarily relieve you of certain obligations you had because you were a citizen.Add to it that if you do this, you will of necessity be subject to the laws of some other country, just by your very presence in that country.
Is Washington a city? If so, what name do I put when filling out papers, as I need to put a city before I can go to the next step?
Washington, the capital of the USA, is a city. There are also other towns and cities named Washington in the USA.Washington, a different place, is a state. For example, Seattle is in the state of Washington.It is possible there are places called Washington located outside the USA.Be clearer on which place exactly that you are asking about.
After my visa expired I applied for an F-1 from inside the US & revived an I-797 approval notice but wasn’t asked for my passport to get my new visa put in. Where/how do I get my new visa put into my passport?
You have not been issued a visa - you have been approved to change your non-immigrant status to F1 and start your course. You will not need a visa unless you leave the country and want to return in F1 status. If so you will need to contact the international office at your College. See for example Washington State’s instructions here:Traveling Outside the United States | Washington State University
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