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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How long to receive i-797 approval notice

Instructions and Help about How long to receive i-797 approval notice

Music welcome back to the tea thank you for stopping by this video as you can tell by the title is in regards to an update that I should have done months ago meaning three months ago which would have been March update in regards to the paperwork filed for my husband's visa to come abroad and live here permanently with me for those who have not watched the previous video you can definitely take a look at that I'm going through just a short little snippet of what I sent with my I 130 form next part of that after filing the paperwork at least two to five weeks afterwards you should get an acceptance and a letter if you do not receive anything after that fifth to sixth week then I definitely suggest that you go ahead and get in contact with your Department of the USCIS and check on that once again the USCIS is the US Citizenship and Immigration Service Department and this is the department that will handle the initial parts of your paperwork remember this is on this side so this isn't the end of the embassy that your spouse is coming from or having to go to when it is their turn to start with their interview their biometrics their background checks and everything else this is the initial part where us as petitioners who are petitioning for our spouses to come this is the first beginning work of the paperwork from here so as I stated if you didn't see that video definitely go back to that video check that out and then come back here and then to the next part of this stage so after I sent it out I mailed my Island 30 packet out and February the 9th 2022 after that you are supposed to receive the acceptance letter as I stated about two to five weeks is the expectancy time in order to check those expectancy times and to keep updated on their I will post the website to the USCIS down below they do have a portal where you're able to check on timeframes as far as the filing goes as far as any correspondences that you'll get you're also able to create your own account to keep you updated any messages or anything that is related directly related to your case will be sent to your account so it's definitely good to also complete that as well so I mailed my i-130 packet out once over the night and I received my i79 seven-seat so mine was actually and it depends on your area I live in Maryland so according to my state I mailed it to the lockbox and then they send it to the specific department or the specific building there are about five there's California Potomac Vermont and there's a couple others that you can research but mine particularly to the state of Maryland is the Potomac Center so I did.


How long do you have to wait after you receive an I-797 approval letter?
Up to a month usually, but not more than two months. However, I-797 is NOT an “approval” letter. It’s only a Notice of Action. It means that your application has been received and is in the process. It means that your application complies with the law, but the final decision will be made AFTER the application is processed.
How long after we have received an I-797 receipt do we have to wait for its approval?
Simply put as long as it takes. There are instances where it can get approved within a week or it might take up to 8 months with multiple RFEs. Almost 99% of applications get approved with in a year with a majority of them being approve with 4–6 months time frame.
How do I get a duplicate I 797 approval notice?
I’m not sure you can. Generally the whole point of an I 797 is to inform you if the status of your application without granting any benefit. I’ve received a lot of them in my life and it says “Notice of Action” and “This notice does nit grant any immigration status or benefit” at the top. The point is just to convey information.I guess the real question is what use would it be?
How long does it take to receive the EAD cards after an EAD approval notice?
Once your application is approved, USCIS will mail an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). It can take up to two weeks for the EAD card to arrive once the online case status at the USCIS Homepage is updated to “Approved”.
How do I get the copy of an H-1B Approval Notice Form I-797 if my employer is not ready to share it with me?
you can file with USCIS under right to know information and get the receipt. By the way you are with wrong employer.
How do you fill in a i-797 notice of action form?
This form is not intended to be filled in. It is simply a notice from uscis. Form I-797: Types and Functions
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