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Can i travel with I 797 Notice Of Action Form: What You Should Know

Dec 1, 2023 — Visa waiver for certain countries in the future. Visa Waivers for Countries for Visa Waiver for Non-immigrants — U.S. Dept. of State Dec 15, 2023 — End of current restrictions. I-97W: Application for Issuance of Passport by Foreigners — USCIS March 1, 2023 — Expiring on March 31, 2024.

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FAQ - Can i travel with I 797 Notice Of Action

What is the form I-797 and how should you fill it in?
I-797 is actually 6 forms. I-797 A,B,C,D,E,F. You as an applicant I presume will not have to fill out either version. USCIS provides either one, often more than one at the same time and represents a notice of action in response to your application.I797C, which represents recept of your application , it can also be issued as a copy of approval provided to the employer for their reference.I797B, which is a notice of the action of your first time H1B or I40 application (I797B). This typically means that your application is approved.I797A, which is a notice of action of your application to extend your status(I797A), similar to I797B.The I797 A and B looks basically the same except A would have an I94 attached to it. Typically I797B is provided when you are outside USA or your extension of status is not approved but your change of status is approved.Then there is I797D, which is accompanied by benefits card.I797E, which is basically a notice of action with a request for evidence.I797F, which is a transportation letter, issued overseas to allow applicants to travel.Note: I am not a lawyer and can not prlegal advice. I just know some of these from experience.Attached is a picture of I797A, that I found online from google.Image courtesy google [1]Footnotes[1] Redirect Notice
How do you fill in a i-797 notice of action form?
This form is not intended to be filled in. It is simply a notice from uscis. Form I-797: Types and Functions
Can I travel throughout the US with my I-797 Notice of Action (I have been approved) without fear of getting deported?
Yes, you can travel all over USA Withput issue. If your I797 approval notice is for any other Visa other than B1/B2, you can apply for drivers license or state ID with i797 as evidence, once you have the ID you dont need to carry all the documents like passport etc, provided you are traveling within USA.
Is it allowed to travel within the US with a pending Notice of Action I-797C?
Unless you are told not to move anywhere and wait for an instantaneous invitation, which requires you to show up at a USCIS facility, you are free to move around the country.
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How do I get the copy of an H-1B Approval Notice Form I-797 if my employer is not ready to share it with me?
you can file with USCIS under right to know information and get the receipt. By the way you are with wrong employer.
Can I travel with an F1 I-797 to India with a passport having a H4 stamp?
If you wish to reenter the US on the F1 visa, you will need to fill the DS-160, and interview at a consulate for F1 visa stamping. You can then use the stamped F1 visa to reenter the US.If the H4 stamping on your passport has not yet expired, you can use it to enter too, but please remember that you will then lose your F1 status, and will be back in H4.The I-797A Change of Status approval merely provides you a legal status when you are within the US, and cannot be used in place of a visa to enter the country.^Not legal advice, but something that I learned when I was getting a COS from H4 to F1.
My visa expiring on March 21, 2023. I have I-797 visa extension approval notice valid through 2023. Can I travel to Canada and return before my current visa expires without stamping?
You may be able to return using a process called Automatic Revalidation.The following CBP webpage explains revalidation and the conditions under which one might be eligible:Automatic revalidation for certain temporary visitorsBear in mind that readmission under this policy is not guaranteed, nor would it be even if one had a valid visa.
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